Doggy cries…

The other day a dog started crying in the bus. It was like, you know, that high-pitched sound that denotes pity or wanting. A pining cry. You could see people’s faces turn to the dog and the owner, compassionately, as if saying “Awwwww!”…

483229-baby-cryingThe other day a little child started crying in the bus. It was like, you know, that loud and desperate cry for having had your wishes and preferences thwarted ever since you came into this world, begging for understanding from those that keep accusing you of being out of order and, somehow, sinful for them; when in fact all you want is to restore an old imbalance. An injustice. You could see people’s faces stay just the same.

Everyone knows what it means that a dog cries in a certain way; somehow children’s cries are a mystery.

Everyone is very keen to show that they have this understanding and share the feelings of an animal; not the case with the children. Perhaps this is because, in the end of the day, they know dogs are inevitably on a leash; unlike small children, who are still defiant.

Of course some people may have compassion for the child and be unable to express it. These situations are difficult for everyone. But I would like to focus here on those who, in resolving or rationalising these conflicts, have a certain “inability” to tune in with the child’s feelings and message, while they completely understand how a whining dog feels.

And here is what I have to say to them:


DAMN YOU!!!!!!



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