Mother too sticky

3-year old boy was a little sick. He was sitting at a table in a cafe trying to have a good time and share the moment with his mother, but she kept putting her arms around him obsessively, as if he was her lover, and making it difficult for him to move. On the other hand, when he walked after her because he wanted to come along, she would pick him up and return him to the table. Understandably so, this behaviour ended up upsetting him, to which the mother showed little concern.

Her face and behaviour showed a certain worry about his illness; this was not shared by the boy, who seem far more upset about his mother being literally all over him, stiff and lost, as she looked around suspiciously. Still, he would calm down and try again to show her boundaries, which she would forcefully disregard in her attempts to provide a certain “care” that was certainly not needed or wanted.

Even though the boy preferred to go walking, he left the cafe in his pushcar, while trying to have a good time still – this time with himself – as his mother walked with military gait and a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps his cold had a sedating effect on him, so that he did not have the strength to cry about his condition.

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