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Introducing Smallbig News, probably the only place in the world with news – for all – from the perspective of children!

If you have any smallbig news, please submit them using the contact form, we will be happy to publish them and tell the world what is going on with the world.

In the news today:

– Adoptive black 2-year-old child is held against her will and showered in public swimming pool. The man, who appeared drugged, forcefully grasped the girl with one arm while he stroked her hair with the other and spoke in a “romantic” voice, attempting to convince the girl that nothing bad was happening against all evidence on the contrary. In spite of her loud cries and clear attempts to escape her horrible situation, nobody did anything or gave signs that anything unusual was happening.

This reporter contacted the staff at the premises, who said “There is nothing we can do about that. We cannot tell people what to do with their lives”.

The reporter noticed the existence of signs all around the premises commanding people not to use the shower any longer than 30min, and arguing some strange logic whereby, for example, if a cheetah can run a kilometre in 30 seconds, a customer of this public swimming pool can “surely” shower in 30 seconds.


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