Suddenly, child’s behaviour is “too much”

A little girl with her mother seemed to be having a nice time at a cafe. They had just arrived and they enjoyed the novelty of the situation. Sat on a tall baby chair, the girl was ready to eat some food, when her mother took out the pot; she said “nammm!!”, which was beautiful to hear, and made the mother happy. Having had a spoonful offered to her by her mother, who seemed respectful of her wishes, she took the spoon and started serving herself. She took a couple more spoonfuls by herself and, feeling satisfied, she began to look around and enjoy the moment.

But, suddenly, her mother started pushing the spoon toward her mouth. Initially, she recoiled, but made an effort to swallow. Her obvious difficulty at keeping the fast feeding pace set by the mother did not stop the mother from continuing this pushy behaviour until she had finished the whole pot. At some point, the girl tried to get out of the chair and away from this uncomfortable situation, but the mother held her firmly against her body and continued pushing food into her mouth, which the girl could only just about manage to eat.

This reporter. who was observing the situation and could not help but show anger and disgust, was noticed by the girl, at which point she seemed to realise something as she looked at this stranger in the eye. She then stopped forcing her throat to swallow and stuck her tongue out, rejecting the last spoonful, which was considerably big.

The mother then finished her coffee with a twisted downward neck and putting great tension on her throat, as if drinking her coffee was an act of self punishment.

Right after she finished the whole pot, the girl tried to walk around for a bit, but the mother immediately stopped her and said she was not allowed to do that either because it was too much.


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