“Beware, your baby wants to fuck your wife”

This gem of a news story perfectly illustrates what I have written about regarding the connections between female sexuality and child rearing. In the year...

Pleasure vs. morality

Another way to understand the difference between what we naturally owe our children (ethics) and what we artificially “owe” our parents (morality) is in...

A question of ownership

Our need to fit into the society or human group we happen to be in, and quickly adapt to their behavioural rules, is so...
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Hunger is when you are hungry

If babies’ or children’s moods are irregular, we can expect their eating habits to be irregular too. Hunger is simply unpredictable, and therefore our...

‘Coming back to life’

If small children could talk — or if older children could speak — they would say many of the things that are registered in...
Pity equals punishment

The Madness of “Empathy”

When you think that something called “empathy” can be taught, requested, demanded or commanded, you enter a mire of inconsistency, as all morality is...
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It’s in the words (I)

Do you honour your iPhone? Why do we feel we are owned by things?
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The government in you

What is a government? It is a group of people who claim the exclusive right to initiate the use of force over other people...

The female roots of child abuse

If you, as a man, want to know how a baby will be neglected by a certain potential mother, I suggest the following procedure....

Do we need to teach children empathy?

No. Anybody who talks about “teaching empathy” clearly has no empathy – at least for those who they want to teach such a thing....